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Veritas Enterprise Vault

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Interlock Technology is the only company certified by Veritas to migrate Enterprise Vault™ at the storage layer to S3 Object Storage via the Streamer API using an exclusive integration at the storage layer.

Interlock’s end to end migration service can migrate Veritas Enterprise Vault from any storage and vendor to any storage. 


Interlock Protocol Transformations for Veritas Enterprise Vault


  • CAS/Streamer API/NAS to Native S3 (AWS, Azure or Any Storage Device support object locking)

  • CAS to Streamer API for S3

  • NAS to Streamer API for S3

  • S3 Streamer to S3 Streamer

  • Content Addressed Storage (CAS) to Network Addressed Storage (NAS)

  • Network Addressed Storage (NAS) to Network Addressed Storage (NAS) or Block Storage


“As a Veritas Certified™ migration partner for EV, customers can rest assured that Interlock Technology migrations will be fully supported by Veritas post-migration. Interlock Technology’s exclusive storage-layer integration also means that customers will not experience any impact on their production system during the migration, or any downtime for cutover to the new storage.”

Rick Krieger, Senior Principal Product Manager for Enterprise Vault.

“We were struggling with an Enterprise Vault migration from an object based storage to a CIFS Filer, previous attempts to move data failed and showed inconclusive results and ended in duplicate data that was still referencing to the old storage. When we approached Interlock, the whole process was very efficient and professional. We were able to move the data away from the no longer supported storage system within a fraction of the time that we already spent on the project. We also received great insights on how to clean up “our mess” with duplicate data. From now on, Enterprise Vault storage migrations will only be done with the help of interlock.”

I.Tresor GmbH & Co. KG – Holger Mundt – Founder and Owner

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