TAPE Backup & Archives

We offer services in migration to NAS or S3, recovery, conversion, duplication and restoration. Our expertise includes various Backup and Archive formats including versions of:  Backup Exec, Commvault,  Data Protector, EMC Networker,  Netbackup.


Our solution works via VPN remotely with tape devices and libraries across the network:


  • Provides highly efficient read and write capabilities 

  • Circumvents the need to access the device as an administrator 

  • Works in Windows or Linux environments 

  • Support for robotic devices and standard SCSI tape libraries


We offer 4 options for migrating from Tape Archives and Backups: 

  • Interlock Software and Interlock’s Tape Drives & Libraries 

  • Interlock Software and Customer’s Tape Drives & Libraries 

  • Customer’s Software and Interlock’s Tape Drives & Libraries

  • Customer’s Software and Customer’s Tape Drives & Libraries 


Interlock provides Tape migration, recovery and conversion services to both NAS and S3. Interlock has a comprehensive selection of tape drives and devices to support tape recovery, data extraction conversion and migration to NAS, object or S3 platforms. 


Data comes off the tape and is written correctly to the target of choice. We generate SHA-256 hash values for data integrity on both sides of the pipe. Interlock provides a complete file audit trail of what has been extracted. We can handle special requests for data layout because we capture all the metadata off of the files on tape.


Interlock works with all of the main tape and cartridge formats including:

  • LTO 1 - LTO 8 DLT 1 

  • DLT IV / SDLT160 - SDLT600 

  • Sony AIT, AIT1, AIT2, AIT3 & AIT4 

  • IBM 3480/ 3490/ 3490E Magstar 3570 B - 3570 CXL/ 3590B - 3590H/ 3592 J1


Please contact Interlock to discuss your tape backup!


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