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A³ Services

Any Data
Any Storage

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Simplify and  accelerate Data Extraction, Transformation, and Migration while adhering to regulatory, corporate governance, and application requirements.
Over 1,000 successful data migrations and transformations at scale
70% increase in efficiency during cutovers
Make data searchable, discoverable, and accessible independent of application

Enterprise Data Extraction, Transformation and Migration Experts

Compliance Data Migration


  • Auditable reporting

  • Migration of retentions

  • Application accessible

  • Protocol conversion in place.

  • Convert older protocols to newer versions.

Cloud Data Migration and Repatriation


  • Migrate from on-prem NAS/S3 to the cloud

  • Transform data to comply with application requirements

  • Repatriate data from cloud to on-prem NAS/S3

  • Optimize data movement to reduce unnecessary costs

Cross-storage platform Data Extraction, Transformation and Migration


  • S3 standard protocol across multiple vendors


  • REST

  • CAS

  • Tape (LTO)

Data Extraction


  • Extract data from unused applications – make it searchable and discoverable

  • Transform data to accommodate changing application standards – in place

About Interlock

  • Interlock is a global technology company, founded in 2009, specializing in full service, end to end, high speed, data migrations, transformation, and extraction. Enterprises across finance, government, manufacturing, oil and gas, life sciences, and media and entertainment industries have trusted Interlock with discovering, transforming, extracting, and migrating their most critical data, at scale.

  • At Interlock, we are experts at delivering A3 – Any Data, Any Storage, Any Location data migration, transformation, and extraction. Interlock has developed methodologies and tools that excel at extracting and transforming data to deliver fast, audited, application compliant, and compliance-governed migrations and extraction for Network Attached Storage, Tape Archives, Content Addressed Storage, S3 Object Storage, VNAs and hybrid cloud platforms.

Contact Us

Interlock Technology Inc
2 Burlington Wood Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: (888) 369-1024
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Interlock Services

Compliance Data Migration, Transformation, and Extraction

Data is the core asset of any organization. Whether it represents intellectual property, is required to be kept by regulations, or is an input to AI to optimize operations, improve efficacy, or generate new insights, data must be accessible, discoverable, and searchable. The challenge is the ever-changing storage platforms and protocols and the coming and going of applications that generate and consume data. Maintaining data compliance through these changes requires a proven, consistent approach to data migration, transformation, and extraction.

Interlock’s Compliance Data Migration, Transformation, and Extraction Deliver…
  • Data and its metadata remain consistent even when data is moved to a different storage platform or protocol.

  • There is an audit trail of any actions taken on the data to ensure the content were not modified.

  • Permissions and retentions remain in tack as were determined at the time data was initially written.

  • Data is discoverable independent of the application that initially generated or recorded it.

Solution Brief

Interlock Services

Cloud Data Migration, Transformation, and Extraction

Data is generated not only in the datacenter but at the edge and the cloud. More often than ever before data is moved between on-premises and the cloud and between two clouds. Regardless of the direction in which data moves, it is not negotiable that the application must have access to the data.

Interlock’s Cloud Data Migration, Transformation, and Extraction mean…
  • Optimizing data movement over WAN

  • Ensures data consistency when moved across storage platforms, services, or protocols

  • Delivers data accessibility, discoverability, and security in the new environment

  • Supports bi-directional data movement: to the cloud, between clouds, and from the cloud

  • Application, governance, regulatory compliance regardless of source or destination

  • Support data consolidation from edge to central repository

Solution Brief

Interlock Services

Cross Storage Platform Data Migration, Transformation, and Extraction

All industry standards are not the same. Even when two competing products present the same standard protocol, such as NFS, CIFS, SMB, S3, they are not always parallel in their implementation. Each storage platform  provider may have an implementation variation that affects data’s accessibility, security, and consistency.

Migration, Transformation, and Extraction of Data across storage protocols…
  • Transform data to align with application’s attributes within common protocol

  • Extract data written in out-of-support protocols and transform to meet current application demands

  • Migrate permissions, retentions, and metadata across protocols

  • Maintain data compliance when moving data to different storage protocol

Solution Brief

Interlock Services

Application Data Extraction

Applications continue to evolve in response to business needs. Often, there is data that had been generated and stored by an application no longer in use; application may be maintained for the sole purpose of accessing this data. Other times, the application formats had evolved, and data written by older versions is not compatible with newer storage platforms. This “trapped” data must be extracted and made accessible, searchable, and discoverable without the application standing in the way.

Interlock’s Extraction Liberates Data
  • Data is extracted from application; maintains associated retentions, permissions, and  formats

  • Data may be moved to a different storage platform/protocol ensuring compatibility.

  • Data is made searchable and accessible without having to maintain the application or application version.

Solution Brief
Click to download a PDF of our new service!
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