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At Interlock Technology we are experts at extracting and transforming data to deliver fast, audited,  WORM compliant and non-compliant migrations for Network Attached Storage, Tape Backup Archives, REST, S3 Object Storage,Content  Addressable Storage, PACS, VNAs and hybrid cloud platforms.  


Interlock Protocol Transformations


Regardless of your source storage Interlock Technology’s migration engine can deliver your compliant or non compliant data to the unstructured data storage upgrade platform and protocol of choice for both on premise and cloud options.

  • CAS to S3, Streamer API or ECS CAS

  • Compliant NAS to NAS, Object or Streamer

  • CAS (API and XAM) to NAS or Object

  • Amazon Web Service AWS, Google Cloud Platform GCP, Microsoft AZURE, IBM COS, Hitachi HCP to S3

  • REST to Network Attached Storage NAS or S3

  • Tape Archives to Network Attached Storage NAS or Object on premise or S3 cloud

  • Object storage to Object Storage migrate among - Dell Centera, ATMOS, Elastic Cloud Storage ECS, NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE Scality, Cloudian Hyperstore, Hitachi Cloud Platform HCP, IBM Cleversafe COS and more

Interlock Technology Advantage

End to End.png

End to End Service

Interlock provides end to end application and user data migrations between NAS, CAS, Object, S3, Streamer and TAPE with pro services and project management included. Interlock ensures the application is functional and working within the new data location. We deliver our services remotely via VPN using  VMware images downloaded to the customer site. .

Data Governance.png

Data Governance

Interlock supports all major retention (WORM) protocols. Our methodology ensures accurate transmission of retention settings between NAS | CAS | CIFS |S3 |OBJECT | Streamer. We retain Chain of Custody during the migration via strong checksum (hashing) for every object  pre- and post- migration. Interlock provides every customer with a complete transaction report (in XML format) for all migrated items. 

Speed Reduces Cost.png

Speed Reduces Risk and Cost

The need for speed is an important criteria for any migration activity. No one wants to wait months/years for their data to fully migrate before making it available on a new system. Interlock has special capabilities for accelerating migration work that are non-disruptive and non-intrusive to a customers computing environment. 

data integrity.png

Data Integrity

Interlock’s checksum-based  Chain of Custody process  scans source data completely on the source Object or File systems before migration for any potential issues. All migrations are followed up with a post-migration audit of the target NAS (File) or s3 (Object) system to confirm all files or objects were migrated to ensure a 100% accurate data migration. 

certificataions reduce risk.png

Certifications Reduce Risk

Interlock works closely with the major application vendors `like Veritas Enterprise Vault, Nice, Verint, IBM Filenet, Open Text Documentum and is either certified for end-to-end migration, or has a co-engineered process that ensures the application functions to vendor specifications post-migration. This is extremely important as our vendor-supported application domain expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate legacy data into new storage infrastructures. This includes migrations from NAS, Object, S3 or Tape.

migrations at scale.png

Migrations at Scale

Interlock has delivered hundreds of successful migrations of billions of files & objects comprised of both User Data and Application Data. Little or no production downtime is a key benefit of Interlock’s storage layer, side band migration methodology. Interlock’s  experienced migration engineers are adept at managing complex, petabyte-sized migrations of all types.  

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