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DICOM  Anonymization & Migrations

Interlock Technology’s Healthcare Mission is to Empower Health Professionals to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency by enabling seamless access to data. 


Interlock achieves this through either Interlock’s interoperable HL7 DICOM router and DICOM pixel data and metadata anonymizer as well as through DICOM migrations which enable switching from one PACS or VNA provider to another.

Choose Interlock as the tool provider to prepare your artificial intelligence and machine learning Medical Imagery  DICOM ANONYMIZATION data

  • Integrates into existing hospital enterprise imaging environment

  • Supports all PACS and VNA systems

  • Create an anonymized second copy for research

  • Create anonymization templates

  • Scales - Purchase multiple anonymizer routers to support millions of studies per year

  • Anonymize entire archive as well as rules based realtime anonymization and routing within existing PACS VNA infrastructure

  • Digital certificate enables re-identifying  DICOM data after Machine Learning is applied and results are delivered so can be configured to route to RIS, HIS, PACS or VNA

Interlock’s DICOM migration and anonymized second copy supports any and all PACs and VNA Vendors: 

Change Health.jpeg

DICOM migrations support: Data Cleansing, Tag Morphing, Crosswalk Tables, Reports, Annotations, PDFs, Key Objects, Structured Reports, GSPS Annotations


HIPAA compliant. Reliable. Auditable


  • Multi-PACS support

  • Support all types of studies

  • Flexibility and Interoperability

  • Fast Migrations 

  • No production downtime

  • Custom development

  • Perfect solution when there is a need for DICOM anonymization for an entire archive or on the fly as part of your enterprise imaging workflow

Interlock's Typical Customers include 

  • Healthcare Institutions

  • University Hospitals

  • Pharmaceutical Trials

  • Medical Science Institutions

  • Medical Research Institutions

  • Other Educational Institutions

The Interlock Difference: Specialized Expertise in Healthcare


Interlock works with the leading VNA providers to ensure our DICOM migrations are compatible with their latest versions. Interlock’s Healthcare DICOM migration engine is designed for large volumes of data and for migration to an on premise, cloud-based or hybrid solution to increase efficiency, improve collaboration and reduce storage and maintenance costs. Interlock offers tiered DICOM migration plans with support for Data Cleansing, Crosswalk Tables, Tag Morphing and Anonymization for a second copy. Your archive will be production ready regardless of the medical imagery source or destination. 


Our DICOM migration engine supports throttling, batch migration options, scheduling by time, day, study or modality prioritization. We also support medical imaging lifecycle management through retention rule enforcement for Adults, Pediatrics, Women’s studies, Legal or other hold options based on data cleansing rules specified prior to migration.  While Interlock has experience migrating archive data from all industry segments, our specialized experience in healthcare enables organizations to navigate the unique regulatory challenges of the Healthcare industry with ease. Healthcare organizations can ensure HIPAA-compliant data migration services.


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