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Any Data
Any Storage

Interlock is paving the path to data mobility.

Data mobility transparent to an application
Chain of custody and audit reporting
Data transformation across unstructured data protocols
Accelerated data movement and cutover

Data Migration and Transformation Experts


Interlock can handle any type of storage protocol (CIFS, NFS, S3, REST, LTO) across many different vendor storage infrastructures (Onsite, Cloud, Hybrid). We deliver customers from lock-in or those looking to upgrade/refresh their systems.  Our capabilities are fast, reliable, and audited. Our end to end migration service includes pro services, project management & complete chain of custody reporting.


Founded in 2009, we've delivered over a thousand migrations of billions of files and objects for top commercial and enterprise customers in every vertical. Our customers are among the worlds largest banks, media companies, automotive, healthcare, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, government agencies and educational establishments. Never heard of us? That's because we are usually the guys "behind the curtain" working on behalf of companies that are much larger than us! 


Interlock works closely with all the major storage providers in addition to the major software application vendors, to deliver certified or co-engineered processes that ensures the application functions to specifications post migration. We have deep knowledge of the applications that we migrate in order to do the job correctly. Our domain knowledge allows us to expertly handle error conditions (data integrity, permissions, cacheing, etc) that regularly occur with data migration. 


Interlock Interlock Technology is a global organization specializing in data migration and data extraction software and services, supporting a wide range of unstructured data protocols and data types. The company is focused on enabling more ubiquitous data mobility at scale across regulated industries, organizations with large volumes of data, enterprises seeking to leverage the cloud, and application owners needing to adopt new data formats or protocols.

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