Financial Services – Email Archive Migration

Migrating your Email Archives

Interlock can migrate email archive data to any platform you choose. We can migrate your archive data from EMC Centera®, or any other CAS or NAS archive system, to the archive storage of your choice. Our technology was designed exclusively for archive data migration, so it is flexible and eliminates the risks associated with in-house or completely automated data migrations. We are also one of the few Symantec Certified Enterprise Vault (EV) data migration companies, so we can ensure your EV data is effectively transferred. For more information on the importance of using a Symantec Certified provider, read our case study on one Enterprise Vault customer migration.

At Interlock, we migrate your archived data directly from the storage level to eliminate conflicts with the production systems and applications. This also enables us to migrate archive data more than 10x faster than host-based archive data migrations. In addition, our process ensures that the metadata, legal holds and chain of custody are preserved. In compliance with applicable regulations, our pre-migration assessment and error logging preserve compliance by identifying potentially corrupted archive data before the data migration begins. We also provide a post-migration report that shows all the archived data has been migrated and serves as legal proof of compliance.

Interlock’s comprehensive email data migration services preserves regulated data and metadata as well as maintaining audit trails and ensuring WORM retention policies.

Archive data migration engagements for Email archive data include:

  • Pre-migration assessment and planning for archived data
  • Support for a variety of migration configurations (CAS-CAS, CAS-NAS, NAS-NAS, CAS-Cloud )
  • Archived data validation
  • Coverage for leading email applications